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Rail service conveniently located between Chicago, Fort Wayne, Detroit, and Toledo

Indiana Northeastern Service Region

The Indiana Northeastern operates approximately 50 miles of railroad in Michigan, 44 miles in Indiana, and nine miles in Ohio.

With offices in Hillsdale, Michigan, and South Milford, Indiana, the railroad serves the communities of Coldwater, Quincy, Jonesville, Litchfield, Reading, Montgomery, and Ray in Michigan.

In Indiana, the railroad serves Fremont, Angola, Pleasant, Lake, Ashley, Hudson, South Milford, and Hamilton.

En route to its interchange with Norfolk Southern and the general railroad system in Ohio, the line also serves Edon and Montpelier. From here, trains travel from Detroit to Fort Wayne and interchange points with CSX, Canadian National, and Canadian Pacific, among others throughout the country.

Looking for rail service or access?

The Indiana Northeastern maintains a database of available real estate and works with local and regional economic development officials to develop industrial development sites in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

For a list of available properties, click here to contact us and check out some of our listings here.