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Rail services, shipping, and switching in Indiana, Michigan or Ohio

Freight Rail

Unit trains, less-than-carload freight, general cargo

Industrial Switching

Single or multiple car load switching, day or night, weekend or weekday

Freight Car Storage

Tank cars, covered hoppers, open top hoppers, gondolas, flat car car storage

Freight Rail Commodities

  • Corn, soybeans, wheat, and flour
  • Plastics, fiberboard
  • Asphalt, salt, coke
  • Aluminum, copper, coal, powdered limestone
  • Perlite, stone, lumber, glass
  • Rendering products, food grease
  • Agricultural fertilizers and chemicals
  • Special oversized loads including transformers and steel presses

Industrial Switching Services

  • Custom service
  • 24/7 crew availability
  • On-call mechanical repair and maintenance
  • Real estate and greenfield development
  • Team tracks
  • Transload locations and service
  • Warehousing
  • Rail spur and siding construction

Car Storage

  • Custom service
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible terms and service

Looking for rail service or access?

The Indiana Northeastern maintains a database of available real estate and works with local and regional economic development officials in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan to develop sites for industrial expansion sites in our region.

For a list of available properties, click here to contact us, and check out some of our listings here.

Seeking transload options?

Freight rail customers can escape high trucking rates and congestion and get competitive with multimodal shipping at several locations along our railroad in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

For information on existing transload sites, click here.